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So here it is, I've gone and done it.



I don't think I'll get any comments on this since I don't put any effort into the LJ communities I'm in, so it's up as a formality. In any case, if you've stumbled upon my LJ somehow and are interested in reading about my life for some strange reason, just leave a comment and I'll add you. The friendslock isn't so much for the general public as it is for other people I know in RL that I don't want reading about my personal life. So if I don't know you, I'll add ya. Go for it. Seriously, you can write something like fhdsjfgdshgbjhrdgbjrd in the comments and I'd still probably add you. I'm not exactly picky.

Just putting this out there: I probably won't be able to comment on your entries, if at all. I make a note to usually respond to every post made on my LJ, but I don't nearly have the time to go through and read everyone's posts anymore, as much as I'd like to. So feel free to comment on my entries, but unless you link me to a certain page, chances are I won't know too much about you. Really sorry. It sucks, but don't go into this with any expectations. :)

I'm always willing to talk to new people, so if you wanna chat just hit me up. I'll talk about anything, really. Good times.

Anyway, this is long winded enough. Have at it. Nothing's changed, really. Just making my LJ formally f-locked. It basically was anyways, but now it's formal, I suppose.

Rock on.
The Writers Strike: Why We Fight.

I'm a little late on the uptake, but I still wanted to give a shoutout to the writers. While I'm bummed that some of my favorite shows aren't going to be airing, I totally support the WGA. Fight for what you deserve, guys!

Nov. 3rd, 2007

I love how computers are such intuitive machines, and yet peope are too dumb to figure them out.

Had a guy come in this morning to the shop. Said he couldn't connect to his dial-up internet (Dial-up. Ew!), and that he needed help with it. So we ask him what's wrong. He says, "I'm trying to connect to the internet, but it's not letting me. I think it's a firewall."

So, here's me sitting here, already cringing. I ask him if it's a work-related firewall, or if it's his personal Windows firewall at home that he thinks is giving him the trouble. He says it's personal. Okay. I ask him a few questions about his firewall settings.

"The settings? Oh, I... I think I disabled the whole thing a few weeks ago."

Well, if it's disabled then it can't possibly be a firewall issue, sir. "But it has to be! I can't connect to the internet!" Then...it could be a connection issue, not a firewall. Have you made sure all of your jacks are plugged into the computer and into the wall? "Yeah, everything's fine, it's just that I keep getting this stupid message every time I try to open the internet!"

A message, you say?

"Yeah, it says that my subscription to AOL has expired and I need to renew it. I have no idea why AOL isn't letting Windows access the internet! How am I supposed to subscribe to the internet without the internet?!"

The phone is a wonderful, wonderful invention.


Why can't people learn to read instead of making me deal with their issues? Stupid people keep my uncle in business, I swear to God. We've had a least three computers come in this week that were 'fixed' by some people's friends, and now they're useless.

"My friend took out my motherboard and said it was a piece of junk, so he smashed it with his face, and now for some strange reason my computer doesn't work! OMG HALP ME I NEED MAH PR0N!!1!"

...sometimes I just don't understand people.

Oct. 21st, 2007

So, ah....Dad's birthday party last night.

It was really nice and fancy. Carolyn set it all up, which was really sweet of her. We took a nice limo for a drive around the town. We drank. A lot. And we did some karoke (after the 'lots of drinking' part) and then we went to a really nice restaurant out in the middle of God-knows-where, and had some really great food. Then we piled back into the limo, dropped of Grandma Marci and Grandpa Larry, and then drank some more and did some more karaoke and basically partied till midnight.

Good times. We had lots of fun. =D

Oct. 20th, 2007

So...just saw Thursday's episode of The Office yesterday, and MAN I loved it. I know the show's come under some scrutiny lately because of how it's been handled (the whole camera crew aspect being thrown to the curb and stuff like that), but I can't help but love it. don't think I've enjoyed the storytelling of this show more than I have in these last four episodes. Sad Dwight, Jim and Pam, Andy being crazy-go-nuts...it doesn't get any better. The Office does better storytelling and drama than most drama shows out there. Those writers are amazing.

...I love Garbage! <3

And the Schrute farmhouse was just about the funniest thing I've ever seen ever. Dwight reading Harry Potter = WIN.


So, how does it feel to finally be an adult?

Pretty damn awesome, I'd say.

Happy 18th to me. It's pretty exciting. =D


I'll write a better review when I'm actually COHERANT.


Just Finished Deathly HallowsCollapse )

And yes, I figured it deserved its own blog. I spent a good part of my life waiting to read these books, and I wasn't about to let the last go unreviewed.

Here's to sanity again, guys!


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