Once Upon A Time

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Ashlie von Ashlington, Queen of Hysteria
28 July 1989
Tempe, Arizona, United States
External Services:
Pioneer Elementary School - Gilbert AZ (1994 - 1999)
Orangedale Elementary School - Phoenix AZ (1999 - 2003)
Coronado High School - Scottsdale AZ (2003 - 2007)
Mesa Community College - Mesa AZ (2008 present)
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adobe photoshop, anime, anne mccaffrey, ashlie, band camp, baritones, beer volcanoes, cardcaptor sakura, clow reed, colin mochrie, dance dance revolution, depeche mode, dragonriders of pern, egyptian ratscrew, euphoniums, firefly, gordon ramsay, jello, lamps, leg sex, marching band, naked pictures of lamps, phoenix suns, pie, reading, ryan stiles, serenity, tauren, the office (us), they might be giants, things, toast, tsubasa reservior chronicles, unreal tournament 2004, water bottle jesus thompson, world of warcraft, zordon

I win.


For The

Eryaviel, 85 Tauren Restoration Druid.
Khalasar, 85 Blood Elf Marksmanship Hunter.
Ruatha, 85 Troll Arcane Mage.
Ramoth, 85 Tauren Enhance Shaman.
Sponsor, 85 Tauren Protection Paladin.
Judoon, 85 Troll Assassination Rogue.
Rhuidean, 85 Troll Frost Death Knight.

"She's like a rich CEO wearing a tokatsu mask.
The last sweet stick in a box of pocky.
Who else could it be, but yavi_no_hikari?


"Has an uncanny ability to make even the most dullest subjects heartily humorous and entertaining.Also has the great gift and artistry of using duct tape for everything and anything."

"yavi_no_hikari gives the best leg sex from here to Chung-Chong-Buk-Do."

"Crack rp's with yavi_no_hikari are the best thing ever. Especially when it involves Star Wars.

Clow!Death by mellysandshrew

Jesus. King of Kings, and King of Games.

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highlander_fan, cdg, wonderland__, ewanism, and coy_dreamer.

-Mood Theme by seekingwords.

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